Unfair and Lovely

In a society that worships white, it has proven to be quite burdensome to exist as a 15 year old brown girl. Homemade concoctions and tubes of bleaching cream are regularly thrusted to you along with a piece of unwanted advice from a judgemental “aunty”. The tattered mindset preaching the correlation between being fair and beautiful is outdated yet is believed by the majority of the indian population praying to give birth to a baby with a milky white complexion.

It is heartbreaking to watch young girls and boys self destruct as they struggle to conform to the norms set by the society. Renowned personalities such as Shahrukh Khan regularly advertise the use of the popular “fair and lovely”, yet forget to mention the amount of photoshop used to lighten their skin for the commercial.

I wonder why beautiful indian models are much too often whitewashed as they grace the cover of so called progressive magazines such as vogue and Filmfare, as rather than spreading positivity and teaching us to love themselves, it destroys the self esteem of darker girls seeking acceptance in the prejudiced society we live in.  I wonder why melanin is spat at and looked upon in disdain, whereas in the west, millions are spent on tanning salons to obtain the caramel richness we brown girls possess. I wonder why girls on matrimonial sites emphasise on the colour of their skin rather than their accomplishments and I wonder why melanin is not considered magic like it should be.