Tails of Romeo

IMG_2506His piercing, charcoal orbs reminded me of a starless summer night as his gaze bore onto mine. He flashed me a lopsided grin, the same which I had grown to adore, revealing his razor sharp, pearly whites which would penetrate through your skin, causing a shooting and rather excruciating pain. Mischief oozed out of his eyes, providing evidence for all the shenanigans and catastrophes he refused to own up for.I ran my tan fingers through his velvety apricot coat decorated with specks of hazel as my thumbs untangled stubborn knots. His tiny, dark button nose seemed to always be moist as he sniffed through the rubble, eager to find remnants of last nights dinner. His drooping ears greatly resembled that of a rabbit and his shrivelled tail, which was almost non existent, bobbed up and down when he wagged his tail in a frenzy.  His serene presence comforted me through the toughest of times and his buoyant and comforting aura brought sunshine when the skies were the darkest shades of grey. Despite his sloppy wake up calls at 4am, his rampant sprints around the house at any given moment and his exasperating antics, my incomparable, tiny fur ball of happiness, has managed to occupy a rather large space in my small heart in a span of 6 months and I wouldn’t want it any other way.