Hi, my name is Samira, welcome to my blog.

I’m not extraordinary, neither a prodigy nor the next Einstein, however, I truly genuinely, strongly believe that I possess the power to change the world. Blogging has fascinated me endlessly, yet my old friend procrastination and his partner in crime, idleness, prevented me from creating my own.

Soon to be jammed with tons of photos, enthralling adventures, travel tales, and my shenanigans in the bustling metropolitan that is Jakarta, this blog serves as a safe space to capture my happiest moments, unfinished string of thoughts, ramblings concerning feminism, politics, art and everything in between, as well as my attempt at photography.

This blog will accompany me on my journey to contentment, bliss and success chronicling my failures as well as triumphs, documenting unforgettable memories and breathtaking experiences to share with the world.

If you’ve gotten this far, I must be doing something right. So sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is my life. All aboard!



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